We are a BYOF venue – Bring-Your-Own-Food. However, we have a few guidelines:

1) LEAVE THE ALCOHOL AT HOME. We have a license to serve, and don’t want to lose it. Our wine & beer sales pays for the lights and the heat, which are kinda important. (Our license is “seasonal,” and is not in effect January 16-March 31.)

2) Mind the “3-S” Rule – bring food that is not too smelly, sloppy or “soundy.” Remember, you have to eat it in the dark while fixing on some point distant.

3) Bring your own cups, plates, sporks, openers and other implements of picnickry. The best time to arrive for such pre-show merry-making is 30 to 45 minutes before show time.

4) Remember that we are “Carry In/Carry Out,” which means that we can only dispose of items that you purchased from us.

5) Don’t bring anything that we sell, such as popcorn, candy, soda, water, coffee, tea, ice cream, sorbet, frozen chocolate covered bananas, cookies, brownies and the like.

If you’re looking for suggestions as to where to buy food locally, check out the Our Partners page.

2 thoughts on “DINE WITH US!”

    1. We work with a number of area restaurants from which you can actually bring your food, provided you follow our “3S Request” – mind the smell, sound and slop (and no hibachis). E-mail or call for recommendations.

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